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Australia is a continent in the Pacific Ocean, part of Oceania. The Simpsons visit it when Bart makes a prank call asking what way the water goes. Bart then leaves the phone off the hook, raking up a huge bill for them as he made a reverse call. The guy sues him and Bart has to travel to a court in Australia. He ends up letting Bart Junior (a bullfrog) free and this makes a lot of bullfrogs in Australia, which there weren't previously.

Database represented Australia in the Model U.N. Club.

Bart ended up calling an Australian bar using Dennis Leary's stolen cell phone to play a prank call. Specifically, he called an Australian Bar called Crocodile Dunkee requesting for a "Drew P. Wiener" causing the barkeep to call out for the person and stating, “I have in my hand a ‘Drew P. Wiener’.” The patrons laugh at him and tell him that he'd "better put it down, mate!", to the barkeep's frustration.

Flag (Simpsons)编辑

The flag depicts a boot kicking a butt in the show, but this isn't accurate to the real-life flag, which features the Union Jack the Southern Cross and the Commonwealth star. In later appearances of Australia, the true flag is used.

Punishment 编辑

Long ago, in Australia, they used corporal punishment, the most popular of which was a boot kicking a butt. Bart was sentenced to this punishment. This is fictional as with the flag dipicted on the down under episode